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December 1, 2016

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students and employers designed to assess the effectiveness and relevance of each

occupational program.

During the 2014-15 academic year, the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

began capturing alumni satisfaction data during the exit interview process rather

than through end of year surveys mailed to students. This new process resulted in

much higher response rates. Surveys were sent to employers of these student

completers as in previous reporting years. This same collection method was used

this year.

For the 2014-15 survey cohort, alumni rated program preparation for employment

"Satisfactory" or above in 97% of the weighted responses. Employers rated student

performance "Satisfactory" or above in 95% of the weighted responses.

There were approximately 6,704 graduates during the 2014-15 academic year

available for job placement. A total of 5,854 graduates were placed in employment

for an overall placement rate of 87%, which is a 1% increase over the previous year.

The results of the alumni and employer surveys will be shared with the Board. A

copy of this report is attached to the official copy of the Minutes as Appendix E.

• A report on private fundraising was presented by Ginger Hausser. Each fall

Tennessee Board of Regents community colleges and universities complete the

Voluntary Support for Education (VSE) report to the Council for Support and

Advancement for Education. The report describes philanthropy results for the

previous year through alumni, corporations, and individual giving for operations

and capital projects. Included in the report for the first time were fundraising efforts

by the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.


was reported that universities raised on average $61.7 million a year. Community

colleges raised between $8 to $10 million a year. Community colleges receive most

of their philanthropy from non-alumni individuals, corporations and foundations.


was noted that in 2016, AT&T partnered with community colleges collectively

to underwrite scholarships. The TCATs have a foundation which receives and

expends contributions. The information provided for the TCATs for this report was

from the TCAT System office and not through the VSE report. Twenty-two of the

27 TCATs participate in the TCAT foundation and annually report the amount

raised and expended by campus. Total amount raised in 2016 was $195,209. A

full copy of the report is attached to the official copy of the Minutes as Appendix