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Executive Summary- March 2017 Quarterly Meeting

3. Proposed Revisions to TBR Policy 2:03:01:01- Undergraduate Academic Retention


(Vice Chancellor Denley)

Vice Chancellor Denley will present revisions to Policy 2:03:01:01 Undergraduate Academic

Retention Standards is being revised to reflect changes in standardized testing and to make clear

the conditions in which F and FA grades are awarded to students who withdraw from a course.



Overview of Governor's Budget Recommendations

(Vice Chancellor Sims)

On January 30, 2017 Governor Haslam presented his budget recommendations for fiscal 2017-18 to the

General Assembly. The attached summary identifies items related to TBR and its institutions.

2. Legislative Update

(Ginger Hausser)

This is the first year of the 110


session of the Tennessee General Assembly, which convened in

January 2017. The TBR has drafted legislation on behalf of the system and tracks legislation

which, if passed, could impact our system and our member institutions. This report highlights

several key pieces of legislation that are significant this session.

3. Institutional Fundraising Report

(Ginger Hausser)

Annually, institutions across the country report fundraising activities to the Council for

Advancement and Support of Education. This information demonstrates how TBR institutions

are performing in private fundraising activities. This report is for information purposes and will

be distributed at the meeting.

4. Update on Academic Affairs

(Vice Chancellor Denley)

Vice Chancellor Tristan Denley will provide an update on the latest Academic Affairs Initiatives.

5. Notice of Proposed Change to the Bylaws

(General Counsel and Board Secretary Moody)

In accordance with Section XII of the Bylaws of the Tennessee Board of Regents, notice is given

that the following changes to the Bylaws will be presented to the Board for a vote at the June

2017 Quarterly Meeting of the Board:

The Bylaws shall be changed throughout to reflect that the executive heads of each college of

applied technology shall be referred to as the president of the institution, instead of the director.

This change is in title only and shall not affect the job description, compensation, benefits or any

other condition of employment of the executive head of a college of applied technology.

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