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Executive Summary - March 2017 Quarterly Meeting



Approval of the Recommendation for the Director at the TCAT-Morristown

(Chancellor Tydings)

Due to the retirement of Jerry Patton from the position of Director at the Tennessee College of

Applied Technology - Morristown, effective December 31, 2016, a search was opened in

September 2016. A search committee was selected to recommend the best possible candidate.

The committee consisted of one Board of Regents' member and representative from faculty, staff,

students, the lead institution, and the College's general advisory committee. The position was

advertised, applications were reviewed, and candidates were selected for interview. Following

the interviews, the Chancellor consulted with the Vice Chancellor for the Tennessee Colleges of

Applied Technology and the Board of Regents member on the Advisory Committee for the

purpose of making the recommendation of the best candidate to the Board. Chancellor Flora

Tydings will bring the recommendation of hiring Mr. Jerry S. Young as the next director of the

Tennessee College of Applied Technology- Morristown. A copy of his resume is included in the


2. Proposed TCAT Program Terminations, Modifications, and New Technical Program


(Vice Chancellor King)

The Board will consider approving seven (7) program proposals that are outlined in the attached

materials. The proposals are from Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Whiteville, Crump,

Jackson and Murfreesboro, Smyrna Campus.

3. Approval of New Degree Programs from Community Colleges and Universities

(Vice Chancellor Denley)

The Board will consider approving the following two program proposals at its meeting on

March 31:

Middle Tennessee State University - Bachelor of Science in African Studies

Middle Tennessee State University proposes to offer a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Arts /

Bachelor of Science in Africana Studies. The proposed degree in Africana Studies will provide

students with oral, written, and critical thinking skills needed to operate in an evolving global

technological/ commercial society. The interdisciplinary major will foster opportunities for

students to learn and study in a diverse cultural/educational classroom environment.

Furthermore, it is evident that businesses seek to hire individuals who have. The proposed

Africana Studies major will offer students a foundation for a wide range of careers in which

reading, writing, communicating, critically thinking, teamwork and an understanding of working

in and with diverse populations are essential. Graduates in Africana Studies will be able to

pursue graduate education, as well as an array of employment opportunities in professional

fields such as; education, journalism, law, business management, city planning, international

relations, psychology, public health, and social work. Graduates might also pursue careers in

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