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December 1, 2016

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Minutes of the September 16, 2016, regular session Board meeting were sent to all Board members

for review prior to the quarterly Board meeting. Regent Griscom moved to adopt the minutes.

Regent Smith provided a second. The motion passed.


Vice Chair Reynolds called upon Acting Chancellor Gregory, who presented the Report oflnterim

Action for the Board's approval. The report serves as a record of business transacted by the Office

of the Chancellor since the previous meeting of the Board. Regent Thomas moved to accept the

report. Regent Freeman provided a second to the motion. The motion passed. A copy of the

Report is attached to the official copy of the Minutes as Appendix A.


The Board considered approval of the November 15, 2016, minutes of the Audit Committee.

Regent Griscom requested that the minutes reflect the recent notice of retirement given by Ms.

Tammy Gourley Birchett during the non-public session on November 15. With that amendment,

Regent Griscom moved to approve the minutes. Regent Marcum seconded the motion and the

motion passed with a roll call vote. Regent Griscom further reported on a letter received from

Comptroller Justin Wilson. The letter stated that the Comptroller's office had audited 18 of 56

state agencies receiving federal funds for the State's fiscal year's

Single Audit

report, with 7 of the

agencies having no audit findings. He shared that 4 of the 7 agencies with no findings were

universities in the TBR System, including Austin Peay State University, East Tennessee State

University, Middle Tennessee State University and the University of Memphis. Regent Griscom

commended those institutions for their excellent work.

Next, Regent Roddy was called to present the minutes from the November 15, 2016, meeting of

the Personnel and Compensation Committee meeting. Copies of the minutes were provided to all

members. Regent Roddy moved for adoption of the minutes. A second was provided by Regent

Prescott. A roll vote was taken and the motion carried. A copy of the minutes from the Audit

Committee meeting is attached to the official copy of the Minutes as Appendix B. A copy of the

minutes from the Personnel and Compensation Committee is attached to the official copy of the

Minutes as Appendix C.


Vice Chair Reynolds called on Regent Marcum for the report of the Regents Award for Excellence

in Philanthropy. Ms. Pamela J. Wright received the Regents Award for Excellence in Philanthropy