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WHEREAS, Mr. Sims led the system through the major changes in public higher education finances under

the Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010, approved by the General Assembly only a year after his

appointment as Vice Chancellor; and

WHEREAS, during the time period after the passage of the FOCUS (Focus on College and University

Success) Act in 2016 when the TBR senior staff was undergoing a time of transition, Mr. Sims continued to

provide calm, steady leadership and acted as an anchor not only to the Business and Finance department, but to

the TBR system office and institutions as the system undertook the most sweeping changes in its operations since

the TBR was established in 1972; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Sims also has led the creation and development of the Shared Services Initiative, an

ongoing program to improve the efficiency of systemwide internal operations with goals of improving services

and saving resources that can be reinvested in programs to serve students while holding tuition costs as low as

possible, and

WHEREAS, his ideas for process improvements have moved the TBR System Office in the way of

automation, and he helped lead the move of the TBR system offices in a seamless and efficient manner without a

disruption of service to TBR institutions; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Sims has been a calm and steady voice of reason and counsel for state officials, TBR

administrators and staff, and TBR college and university presidents and director for nearly four decades; and his

leadership and area of expertise spans far more than his title would indicate; and

WHEREAS, his dedication and hard work extend beyond the TBR System, including service as a member

and board chairman of the Western Carolina University Foundation, which has awarded him numerous honors as

a distinguished alumnus and supporter, as well as service on many church councils and committees as a member

of Franklin United Methodist Church; and

WHEREAS, the respect and admiration the staff of TBR have for him are infinite, he has served humbly

and with commitment to bettering those around him, and he has conducted himself with honor and dignity, and

thereby, has represented TBR and the State of Tennessee in that same light; and

WHEREAS, he is retiring from the Tennessee Board of Regents on June 30, 2017, and the Board of

Regents will miss such an exemplary employee, but wishes him all the best in his new adventures with family

and loved ones.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Tennessee Board of Regents expresses its sincere

appreciation, thanks and congratulations to Mr. Dale Sims, for his dedication and many contributions to the

Tennessee Board of Regents System.