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A member of the Board shall not be a party to procuring the appointment

of any relative at any of the units of the State University and Community

College System.

Article VI. Amendment of Bylaws

A. These Bylaws may be amended or repealed at any regular meeting by an

affirmative vote of not less than nine members of the Board, provided however,

that any proposed change in these Bylaws shall be submitted to the Secretary in

writing at any regular meeting or special meeting and shall be voted on at the

next regular meeting of the Board.

B. Amendments or additions to the Bylaws shall be presented in such form as

suitable for direct incorporation into the Bylaws.

C. Any Bylaw may be suspended at any regular or special meeting for that meeting

only by the unanimous consent of all present.

D. The Secretary shall maintain a Bylaws book in which shall be recorded all Bylaws

and any changes, additions, or deletions thereto.

Article VII.

Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in

Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised



Edition, or the most

recent subsequent edition, shall govern the Board in all cases in which they are not

inconsistent with these Bylaws or any special rules of order of this Board.


T.C.A. §§ 49-8-101 et seq.

T.C.A. §§ 49-11-401 et seq.