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Mike Batson, CAE


Nashville, TN

February 1, 2018

The IIA Standards and QAR subcommittee has completed the solicitation and review of candidates that

submitted interest in participating in the external validation of the System-wide self-assessment.

The external validation is an IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) approved approach for meeting the

International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) Standard 1300,

Quality Assurance and Improvement



The committee received three candidate submissions and reviewed the candidates for external assessor

qualifications including the practice of internal audit, internal audit management experience, and external

assessment experience.

The subcommittee’s external assessor recommendation is as follows:

Lead Reviewer - Monica Moyer, Saint Leo University

Reviewer - Mark Rupert, Northern Arizona University

Reviewer - Jana Clark, Kansas State University

Should the external team need additional reviewer support, it is the subcommittee’s recommendation that

the lead reviewer hold responsibility for identifying a competent addition to the external validation team.

Should you support the recommendation, IPPF Standard 1320,

Reporting on the Quality Assurance and

Improvement Program

requires the CAE to disclose to senior management and the board the “qualifications

and independence of the assessor(s) or assessment team, including potential conflicts of interest”.

The subcommittee requests a response regarding or verification of the candidate recommendations by

February 19 in order to communicate the selection outcome with the candidates. If the timeline is not

feasible, please provide an estimated date that can be communicated with the candidates.

Thank you for your time and assistance with the QAR External Assessment team process.


Chair, Erica Smith, Columbia State Community College

Sandra Pruett, Dyersburg State Community College

Tammy Wiseman, Motlow State Community College

Chris Hyder, Northeast State Community College