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Academic Policies


Name: Delivery of Services to International Students and Faculty


The Tennessee Board of Regents will support the unique needs of international students and

international faculty at TBR institutions.

Applies To Community Colleges; Colleges of Applied Technology



The Tennessee Board of Regents encourages its constituent institutions to receive international

students and faculty into their communities in order to strengthen and expand the global

academic market of ideas and knowledge. The TBR recognizes that international students and

scholars have legitimate special needs, many of which are imposed by federal immigration laws

and others which are ethical responsibilities.

In general, TBR institutions, which have international students, faculty, or academic staff, shall

provide trained personnel to deliver services required by law and not discriminate against any

international student, faculty, or academic staff member on the basis of national origin.


Board Meeting March 26, 2009; TBR Board Meeting December 2, 2010





Recruitment and Admission of Students


TBR institutions that choose to contract with any organization, agency, or agent which

recruits international students on a per capita fee basis must either use agents vetted

through a recognized professional group or base the payment of recruitment fees upon a

successful matriculation outcome.


TBR institutions will accept international students for admission to their programs

according to TBR Policy 2:01:00:00, established academic criteria and such other