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the term of suspension, unless institutional policies provide for multiple term



Each institution may develop specific readmission policies to enable the suspended

student to appeal for readmission.


The policies shall be based on factors of extenuating circumstances and hardship.


Minimum Criteria for Institutional Academic Fresh Start Policies


"Academic Fresh Start" is a plan of academic forgiveness which allows undergraduate

students who have experienced academic difficulty to make a clean start upon returning

to college after an extended absence.


The Academic Fresh Start allows eligible students to resume study without being

penalized for his/her past unsatisfactory scholarship and signals the initiation of a new

GPA/GPA to be used for determining academic standing.


Readmitted students who were formally enrolled in the institution as well as transfer

students who meet institutional requirements for admission and who have been separated

from all institutions of higher education for a minimum of four (4) years are eligible for

the Fresh Start.


Institutional policies governing the readmission of former students and admission of

transfer students must be in compliance with TBR policy 2:03:00:00 Admissions.


This policy requires that the "transfer applicant's grade point average on transferable

courses must be at least equal to that which the institution requires for the readmission of

its own students.


Applicants who do not meet the institution's standards may be admitted on scholastic

probation or other appropriate condition. (2:03:00:00 Section II.B.3.)


Each institution may establish an Academic Fresh Start provision which must meet the

following minimum criteria:


Student Requirements


Separation from all collegiate institutions for at least four (4) years.