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Tennessee Board of Regents

Committee on Personnel and Compensation

September 27, 2018





Tenure Upon Appointment Recommendations

The Committee will review for approval a request to grant tenure upon appointment

to one (1) faculty member, at Pellissippi State Community College who was

previously awarded tenure during his previous employment there.


Faculty Promotion Correction

At the June Board meeting, the Committee reviewed and approved Faculty

promotions and the corresponding increases. Since then, TCAT-Memphis has

identified one discrepancy where a promotion was submitted, and subsequently

approved, without the corresponding increase. The proposed increase is consistent

with the other increases provided by TCAT-Memphis for an individual moving from

Associate Instructor to Instructor.


President Incentive Pay Correction

At the June Board meeting, the Committee reviewed and approved the executive

incentive compensation plan payments. Since then, two corrections have been

identified. President Bill Seymour should have received $2321, instead of the $455

that was approved. Resulting in an additional one-time payment of $1821.

President Jerry Young was not previously submitted for an incentive payment, as his

time as president of TCAT-Morristown was not during the eligibility period. However,

in reviewing the plan document, President Young is eligible to receive the amount he

would have received as President of TCAT-Crossville, as he remains in an eligible

position. His one-time incentive payment recommendation is $3128.



At the June 2018 meeting, the Board authorized a compensation strategy that included a

2.5% salary pool to be used for employee increases representing a 1.5% Cost of Living

Allowance (COLA) recommended by the Governor, effective July 1, 2018, as well as an

additional 1% increase authorized by the Board, also effective July 1, 2018.

The approved compensation strategy also included the ability for institutions to submit

proposals for alternate use of the 1% funding for compensation plan adjustments or

faculty promotions. In addition, institutions could submit proposals using uncommitted

local funds with the following options: Compensation Plan Adjustments, COLA, Faculty

Promotions or a One-Time Payment.

For the institutions wishing to provide the 1% salary pool in a manner other than a