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Executive Summary – December 2018 Quarterly Meeting

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Components of Articulation Agreements

This policy also addresses the newly developed statewide Technical College to Community

College articulation process. Approval will result in a new Policy 2:00:01:06 to be “Articulation

and Transfer”.

Terminology and definitions are updated to reflect current practice, and the policy was

reformatted in accordance with TBR policy standard style.


Review and Consider New Policy on Animals on Campus - 1:03:02:55

This new policy will outline the parameters by which animals are allowed on campus and at the

TBR System Office, either as service animals or for special events; including how inquiries and

exceptions are to be handled. It will designate that comfort/emotional support animals are not

allowed at TBR institutions or at the System Office. The policy would be in effect for students,

faculty, and staff.

The policy has previously been reviewed by academic, student affairs, and faculty sub-councils

and approved by the President’s Council with suggested revisions from those groups already



TCAT Murfreesboro Building Naming at the Smyrna Campus

The Board will consider a request to name the TCAT-Murfreesboro Smyrna Campus building.


Resolutions and Recognitions

The Board will consider approving resolutions of appreciation for Governor Bill Haslam and

Presidents Carolyn Beverly and Tony Creecy for their years of dedication and service to the

Tennessee Board of Regents, as well as recognize Commissioners Candice McQueen and Jai

Templeton for their service on the Board.