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Executive Summary – December 2018 Quarterly Meeting

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5:02:01:08 Faculty Development at Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

A-051 Faculty Exchange

Approval will keep both numeric indicator and name – 5:02:01:05 Faculty Development.

Terminology has been updated to reflect current system structure and practice, and the policy has

been reformatted. Substantive changes include clarity on the System Office role and

responsibility in faculty development, the addition of terminology definitions, and the conceptual

integration of Technical and Community Colleges where appropriate. TBR Legal Counsel and

Human Resources have reviewed and approved.

C. Revisions to TBR Policy 5:02:01:03 - Faculty Proficiency in Oral and Written English

The revised policy as proposed will keep current number and title --5:02:01:03 Faculty

Proficiency in Oral and Written English.

Definitions for accrediting bodies have been added. The policy has been reformatted, combined

with language clarity and cohesion. TBR Legal Counsel and Human Resources have reviewed

and approved as proposed. No substantive changes were made.

D. Revisions to TBR Policy 2:08:10:00 - Development and Operations of Off-Campus

International Educational Programs

The Tennessee Board of Regents System (TBR) supports off-campus international educational

programs, service, internship or courses as a valid and valuable part of undergraduate education.

The TBR encourages all TBR institutions to engage in international opportunities that meet the

legitimate academic needs of their students and in cooperation with consortia both internal to the

TBR system in which TBR institutions hold membership and those external to the system.

The revised policy incorporates the following TBR Guidelines into the new policy format and the

guidelines will be eliminated:




The policy was reviewed by academic, business, student affairs, and faculty sub-councils and was

approved by the President’s Council and Committee Chairs with suggested revisions from those



Revisions to TBR Policy 4:01:00:01- Budget Principles to include Budget Control and

Rename the Policy to Budget Principles and Control

Requested changes are a result of combining two related policies, 4:01:00:00 Budget

Control and 4:01:00:01 Budget Principles and renaming the policy to “Budget Principles

and Control.” Requested changes to this policy are made to improve flow and provide

clarification of certain terms and provide better understanding of the overall policy. In

particular, more emphasis is placed on monitoring plant fund budgets and related