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Executive Summary – December 2018 Quarterly Meeting

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Revisions to TBR Policy 4:02:20:00 - Disposal of Surplus Property

Requested changes are minor in nature and have been made to provide clarification to some of the

terms used in the previous policy and to bring the policy in line with current institutional



Revisions to TBR Policy 4:30:03:00 - General Travel

Requested changes to the General Travel Policy are being made to alleviate the financial burden

placed on employees who, in the past, have had to pay for hotel reservations and/or airline tickets

out of their own funds when traveling on behalf of their institution. The requested changes have

been approved at the October 16, 2018, Business Affairs Sub-Council meeting and the November

15, 2018, Presidents meeting.

We are requesting a change in language that will allow the use of institutional procurement cards

to pay for hotel room reservations and for airline tickets on behalf of employees who are traveling

for business purposes on behalf of their institution.


Change Guideline TCAT 030 to TBR Policy 4:01:00:15 Extraordinary Maintenance


Requested changes include transformation of a former TCAT Guideline into a Policy. Changes to

language in the document are minor and include updates in titles and in the reporting chain to

mirror changes made at both the TCATs and at the Tennessee Board of Regents levels.



Economic and Community Development Update

TBR ECD has been involved in a wide variety of projects over the past quarter. Vice Chancellor

Puryear will highlight the department’s current projects, including TNTrained, apprenticeships,

and online workforce education.


Warranty Roll Out

The TBR Warranty of Competency of Graduates of Technical Programs (Policy 2:03:01:10) went

into effect this fall term. In preparation for potential warranty claims, ECD has worked with

other TBR departments to prepare campuses and to answer questions regarding the processing of

warranty claims. Vice Chancellor Puryear will outline the Technical Program Warranty roll-out

and provide information on how warranty claim reporting will occur.


Financial Report Overview

Vice Chancellor Gibbs will provide information regarding the consolidated financial report,

including management’s discussion and analysis for FY 2017-18. This is an information item

only and requires no action.

Due to circumstances beyond TBR control, information pertinent to the 2017-18 Financial Report

Overview was not available by the due date of the Board Materials. The information will be

provided as soon as this information can be properly consolidated.