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Executive Summary – December 2018 Quarterly Meeting

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Board Assessment Report for 2018

Members of the board will receive the 2018 Board Assessment Report as required by the

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

SACSCOC added a requirement in December 2017 for governing boards to “define and regularly

evaluate its responsibilities and expectations.”

Upon learning of this new requirement from SACSCOC, at its quarterly meeting on June 22,

2018, the TBR board approved changes to its Bylaws to reflect a new assessment process.

Assessment forms were sent to all members with a completion due date of Friday, October 19,

2018 for a full report to be presented at its December 2018 quarterly meeting. All members

participated in the assessment except one member whose term had expired on June 30, 2018.

The Board Assessment was produced by the Vice Chair and Board Secretary and included

questions on orientation/onboarding, general questions about the board, board meetings,

committee structure, strengths of the board, areas for improvement, and an area for general


A copy of the full report is attached. The Chancellor will apprise the board from time to time on

actions taken and processes implemented as a result of the board survey. The next assessment

will be in 2020.



FY 2018-19 October Revised Budget

The Board will consider the October 31, 2018 revisions to the 2018-19 budgets for the institutions

governed by the Board and the Board of Regents System Office.

The original budgets for FY 2018-19 were developed by institutions in the Spring of 2018 and

were submitted to the Board office in May 2018. As such, these budgets included a variety of

estimates. These institutional budget submissions were the basis for the Board’s June 2018

approval of the initial FY 2018-19 operating budgets (the “Proposed Budget”). The October

Revised Budget is based on more recent information, including recognition of the impact of fall

enrollment, and includes the effect of revisions from the approved Proposed Budget.

Due to circumstances beyond TBR control, information pertinent to the October Revised Budget

was not available by the due date of the Board Materials. The information will be provided as

soon as this information can be properly consolidated.


Approval of Proposed Program Terminations, Modifications, and New Technical Program

Implementations for the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

Program Proposals requiring Board approval from TCAT Committee:

Five (5) program proposals are being presented for the Committee’s review and approval. This

proposal will allow the Technical Colleges to be more responsive to the needs of students,

businesses, and industries. The proposals are:

Implementation of a Mental Health Technician program at TCAT Chattanooga

Implementation of a Farming Operations Technology program at TCAT Crump