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Executive Summary – December 2018 Quarterly Meeting

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As various reforms have taken root and institutions experience greater enrollment through

Tennessee Promise and Reconnect, the focus moves to setting clear and feasible goals around

completion. Governor Haslam asked TBR to work with THEC and the Office of the Governor, in

order to revisit the institutional degree targets that accurately reflect credential production in the



Review and Consider Regular Rule on Public Record Requests

Public Chapter No. 712 of the Public acts of 2018 amended the Tennessee Public Records Act

(TPRA), requiring state agencies to promulgate rules regarding public records requests by

January 1, 2019. These rules will replace TBR Public Records Policy 1:12:01:00, now in place.

F. Review and Consider Revisions to TBR Policy 1:02:11- Appeals and Appearances Before

the Board and a New Policy 1:02:12 - Requests to Address the Board

Current TBR policy 1:02:11 addresses both the procedures for appeals to the Chancellor and

Board by students or employees and procedures for requesting permission to address the Board.

As part of the ongoing review of TBR policies, the following revisions to this policy are


The existing policy is revised to address only appeals to the Chancellor and the Board. Minor

changes have been made to the language to clarify the appeals process.

A new policy, 1:02:12, Requests to Address the Board, will set forth the process to be

followed by students, employees or third parties who would like to address the Board on

matters germane to the responsibilities of the Board.

Staff recommends approval of both policies.


Review and Consider New TBR Athletic Policies

While community colleges have participated in intercollegiate athletics for many years, TBR

policies and guidelines have not addressed the subject except for a single guideline pertaining to

finances. The following new policies formally authorize community colleges to participate in

intercollegiate athletics and establish a structure for participation.


Participation in Intercollegiate Athletics


Presidents Athletic Council


Financial Administration in Intercollegiate Athletics (previously

Guideline B-041)


Review and Consider New Policy on Articulation

The proposed policy revision combines current TBR Policies This policy is designed to replace

the following four current TBR policies and guidelines:


Articulation with Proprietary College


Principles for Articulation in Vocational/Technical Education


Articulation Among Community Colleges and Universities